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Why Leadership Matters?

Jul 3, 2024

Jonny Reeve

Let me tell you a story about two pastors and their church plants.

Both pastors were gifted preachers and relational connectors. Both were passionate about Jesus and wanting others to know Him. Both had many years of ministry experience, and a team of supportive members. Despite all this in common, only one pastor and church made it.

The first pastor struggled to lead his team and the church at large. He used his gifts to drive his agenda rather than to build a vision. He built relationships for his purposes not based on love. He created a culture of fear and burnout, instead of collaboration and joy. 3 years into a struggling church plant, he stepped down overwhelmed and unable to continue.

The second pastor started on a foundation of self-awareness. He sought out others to show him his strengths and weaknesses. He learned how to use his giftings to build trust and communicate with grace. He built a vision using all the voices and perspectives of his team. He created a culture of hard work, humility, and care among his team. 6 months into his church plant, the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Yet by God’s grace his church not only survived but continued to grow and thrive. How?

An Emphasis on Leadership.

Effective Communication

Effective communication is the cornerstone of leadership, enabling leaders to convey their vision, goals, and expectations clearly. Communication is a vital tool for fostering transparency and trust within teams, ensuring every perspective is heard and all are motivated towards common objectives.

Trusting Relationships

Building strong relationships is crucial for effective leadership as it fosters collaboration and mutual respect. Leaders who invest in meaningful relationships with their team can better understand individual strengths and weaknesses, which enhances the team’s ability to do effective ministry.

Organizational Alignment

Alignment ensures that all members in churches and ministries are united in their efforts to fulfill the mission. Leaders who prioritize alignment can harmonize the various ministries and activities, minimizing conflicts and ensuring that all efforts are directed towards glorifying God and serving the community effectively.

Effective Execution

Execution in church and ministry contexts means turning the vision and plans into action. Effective leaders must not only inspire and guide their ministry teams but also ensure that initiatives and programs are implemented effectively. This involves setting clear goals, organizing resources, and continually assessing progress to fulfill the mission.

Stable Capacity

Capacity refers to the ability of both leaders and their teams to handle the demands of their work. Building capacity is about developing the spiritual, emotional, and practical skills needed to serve effectively. Leaders who focus on enhancing capacity ensure their church and ministry teams are equipped to meet current and future challenges, enabling sustained and impactful service.

For pastors and ministry leaders seeking to enhance their impact and navigate the complexities of ministry, focusing on leadership development is invaluable. Thriving leaders are the cornerstone of thriving organizations, making it essential to intentionally nurture leaders in churches, ministries, and mission organizations, ensuring they grasp the essential aspects of team and leadership well-being. By investing in leadership development, you address current challenges while also laying the groundwork for a thriving future.

To learn more about creating a leadership culture in your ministry, connect with our ministry partner, Front Porch Partnership and take the next step in your leadership journey.

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Jonny Reeve

Jonny Reeve serves as the Executive Director of Front Porch Partnership, an group devoted to equipping leaders to succeed in their calling and context. Jonny is an expert in ministry spaces, drawing from his fruitful 15-year career in full-time ministry. With a diverse range of experiences, he has assumed every conceivable role within a church, from overseeing the operations of a church plant to leading small groups, spiritual formation, preaching, leadership development, and even worship. Jonny grew up as a pastor’s kid and currently serves as the Executive Pastor at Portico Church in Arlington, Va.

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