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Generosity Counts.

Thank you for your generous donation.

We respect your privacy! We do not sell or otherwise distribute personal information to any outside party. This includes your name, contact information, or financial information.

For your peace of mind, we are proud to acknowledge we have earned our Candid Platinum Seal (formerly GuideStar), placing us in the top 0.1% of nonprofits for transparency and accountability in our finances and operations. Now 10+ million Candid users can find in-depth financial information about our organization. Plus, we’ve provided fresh information to 200+ charitable websites and applications that use Candid data, such as AmazonSmile, Facebook, and Network for Good.

Ways you can give


You can give by  mailing your check via snail mail to the following address:

Christian Ministry Alliance
P.O. Box 7735
Goodyear, AZ 85338

Give Online

You can now give a quick and secure donation utilizing our online giving form. Simply click on the button below and complete the form. Your gift is 100% secure.

Donor Advised Fund

If you are giving from a Donor Advised Fund or Private Charity, please follow these steps:

1.  Find "Christian Ministry Alliance" in your grant portal (formerly Association of Christian Nonprofits). [Goodyear, AZ | EIN: 46-3408177]

2. If you choose to designate your gift please be sure to state the designation in your grant portal. Donations with no designation will be used for the Alliance's General Fund.

Stock, securities & Real Estate

By donating assets such as stocks, real estate, and business interests before the sale, you can reduce taxes and send more to the Alliance. Every donation will be received and processed by a charitable organization that has mobilized more than $12 billion for 63,000 charities since 1982. Support the work of the Alliance with generosity that lasts. To learn more about stocks or estate giving please email us for more information

Account #3485486
Account #3485486
  1. Can I schedule recurring donations? Yes! We are very happy to offer you the ability to schedule your donations to come out of your bank account automatically.
  2. Will I still receive a contribution statement? For the current tax year, Contribution Statements for your tax returns will be mailed out in physical form by Feb 1. If your email is on file with us, we will email giving statements at the end of the month for which you gave.
  3. Is online giving secure? Very. We utilize our ministry partner, Aplos Donations - specializing in non-profit giving. They use military grade technology to make sure that you are never vulnerable.

Let's Maximize Your Mission

We understand how overwhelming it is to feel burdened by the details of running a ministry or nonprofit. You are wearing so many hats, often feeling like you can’t focus on your mission. Our 'Just for You' approach will help you get your time back, ensure the 'business side' is running efficiently, and create systems using trustworthy tools for sustainable growth.

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