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Maximize Your Digital Strategy

Is the digital hat you have to wear overhwhelming you and stealing from your calling?

The digital world is a world we have to live in as a non-profit. But the complexities of websites, social media, marketing and design can quickly become a burden and place we feel we are dropping the ball. Let's work together to bring a standard of excellence to your online presence! 


Schedule a Call

During our call we learn as much as we can about your organizational needs, expectations and budgets.

Build Out

We work together to create the digital assets you need created; from websites, logos, print design, marketing and beyond.

Maximize Mission

We provide ongoing support and care for whatever needs that. You never have to worry about optimizing or updating your website again.


What We Do


This package includes a professionally designed logo, style guide, social media headers, and the print essentials for any small business or organization and built around your organizations unique identity.


We have two web packages available. We can create a custom website from the ground up, or you can opt to use a turnkey, a done-for-you website solution where you just add colors, logos, and content of your own. 


We help tell your story through the most consumed media format in the world today. We work with you to create top-notch video around the topics you need to communicate to your church and donors.

Our Personal Approach

Know how to get to where you want to be.

We understand how overwhelming it is to feel burden by the details of creating and maintaining a digital presence for a ministry or nonprofit. There are so many tools available that just getting started can feel like too much pressure.

Thankfully this doesn’t have to be you! We started Christian Ministry Alliance 5 years ago because our heart is for those in ministry. Having served in both local churches and nonprofits we know what is involved in growing a digital platform.

You truly don’t have to be weighed down by details.

Through our “Just For You” digital approach, we get to know your organization, your budget constraints, your culture and your needs. Armed with this information we create options that alleviate your pain and help you focus on why you entered ministry in the first place.

Do you feel like you're drowning, having to build and design everything yourself? Maybe you feel like you spend so much time figuring out your website and photoshop that it's hijacking your mission?

It's time to maximize your mission! Our tried and true approach, refined over years of helping churches and non-profits, with tools designed to your specific needs, helps create a digital experience your organization can finally be proud of.

Our Friends

We Help People Just like you


“We are a small church with limited resources and we were struggling to find the right kind of help to meet the needs of our growing church. Then we met ACN. With their hands-on personal approach, they actively sought to meet our specific needs and walked us through the whole process. We were completely satisfied and would highly recommend the Alliance to anyone.

Brian Shaw

Hope Community Church

A Proven Plan

Step One


Digital covers a large amount of area, which probably lead to feeling overwhelmed or hesitant in the first place. Together we will work through your specific needs in the following areas; website, SEO, social, marketing, design, strategy.

Step Two

Build Out

We take what we learn in discovery and get to work on the design portions. Here is where the personal relationship we have with you comes into play. In such a varied environment there is never a 'one size fits all' when it comes to design and marketing. 

Step Three

Digital Strategy

Through design and beginning with taking your designs live we can work together to create a better strategy to turn your website/social viewers into first time guests for churches and potential donors for other non-profits. 

Step Four

Optimize & Maintain

Our goal is to make everything simple and easy to implement in your organization. After we begin implementing new tools, designs and systems we work with you to tweak and optimize them for efficiency. We want you be focused on your mission because of the work we do together!

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