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Providing credible, practical and actionable solutions to maximize your mission.

We provide keynote talks from well known leaders, how-to's covering the tools we implement, and leadership development courses that you can begin implementing immediately with your team. Sign up by clicking the button below to be the first to know when Alliance Learning goes live!

Step One

create an account

Visit our Alliance Learning website and sign up for an account. If you are a member or use any other Alliance services remember to use your discount!

Step Two

Learn at Your Pace

Our learning system is a-la-carte, so you don't have to feel overwhelmed with keeping up. Choose the courses/talks you want to take and begin watching and learning at your own pace. 

Step Three

Maximize Mission

So many of our lessons provide templates, forms, strategies, workflows, and more to help your organization move forward. You can download these tools and use them immediately.

Coming Soon

A learning platform made just for non-profits.

So many leaders in the non-profit world will tell you that seminary and college left them woefully unprepared for how to actually run a non-profit in the real world. 

Thankfully this doesn’t have to be you! We started Christian Ministry Alliance 5 years ago because our heart is for those in ministry. Having served in both local churches and nonprofits we know what's actually important in running a successful non-profit.

Our courses and tools will keep you from being weighed down by details.

You'll learn from top-notch experts in the areas of non-profit leadership, finance, digital, strategy and more. Plus, if you have an Alliance Membership, you will receive special discounts when you sign up!

Do you have a feel that seminary and college left you unprepared for manaing a non-profit in the real world?

It's time to maximize your mission! Alliance learning is place for you to learn all the things that your professors left out. You'll learn directly from leaders on the front lines and have access to downloadable tools and systems to begin using in your own organization.

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