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Together, we can make much of Jesus and see the church regain social influence in our culture.

We help churches and ministry non-profits increase their output while decreasing their admin costs, helping them clarify their mission and providing the best tools to move forward. 


Community really is the secret sauce. Attend Alliance networking events, share ideas at roundtables and participate through collaboration.


Alliance Members get access to time saving courses, docs, spreadsheets and templates. Don't ever start with a blank slate again.


Through our relationships with many non-profit partners we are able to provide Alliance Members with discounts on many invaluable tools that fit your budget and context.


This goes way beyond 'office hours' help. You don't have to feel overwhelmed or out of your depth. We are here to answer your questions with practical, actionable and personal coaching. 


When you use any of our services you are already registered to be a Christian Ministry Alliance member. A huge part of this are the discounts for future work we do with you! 


Through our resources, network and coaching you can finally move beyond the 'theory' and grow your organization and team in the real world.

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Working with Doug has been a HUGE BLESSING!  He's extremely knowledgeable in every facet of running a nonprofit and extremely generous of his time to serve you with excellence!  Becoming a member of Christian Ministry Alliance has been the most valuable investment and worth every penny!  If you need help and you want to grow, becoming a member is a no brainer!

Marissa Leinart

Parent Led Academy

$350 Annually for Organizations
$99 Annually for Individuals

10% Discount on all Alliance services

Up to 30% Discount on all Alliance Events

Access to Special Vendor Membership Discounts

Members-Only Directory for Networking Opportunities

Discounts on Office Supplies

First-To-Know email announcements

Open-Door access to our leadership

Healthcare Savings Plan

Member-Only Facebook Group

Travel Discounts

Subscription to “Footprints”, a personal eSource from our President

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