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More Mission. Less Admin.

Providing practical and affordable solutions to simplify the business side of running a ministry.

Many small church pastors and nonprofit leaders are overwhelmed by running the business side of their organization at Christian Ministry Alliance we help them sort through the clutter and provide practical solutions, so leaders can gain back their time, and have the energy to lead their people and mission effectively.

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Step One

Schedule a Call

During our call we learn as much as we can about your organizational needs, current toolset and ongoing needs.

Step Two

Financial Planning

We work together to create financial systems and plans using industry standard tools with personalized training, as well as services catered just for your organization.

Step Three

Maximize Mission

Through our bookkeeping service and tools we provide ongoing accounting and financial services so you don't have to wear that hat too! 


More Mission. Less Admin.

Our work goes well beyond accounting. Our full range of accounting services begin with a monthly investment of $550.

Our goal is to take the weight and complexity of managing finances off your shoulders. We begin with monthly bookkeeping and reconciliation of all transactions, and reviewed by a licensed CPA. All for significantly less than the cost of a part-time employee. Your mission is too important to be hijacked by all the financial and administrative details that pop up along the way.

Monthly bookkeeping and reconciliation of all transactions
Proper setup and initialization of accounting software
Assistance with time tracking protocols, benefits and employee expense reimbursements
Establish proper Net Asset tracking (teaching unrestricted, designated and restricted assets)
Depreciation tracking of fixed assets
What records/support documentation to keep
Segregation of duties and internal controls (including count team protocols for churches)
Stewardship/financial analysis
Discovery of growth and/or ministry obstacles and opportunities
Allow the organization to prepare financial statements for internal management and reporting to boards and or their church bodies
Our Personal Approach

Spend More on Mission and Less on Administration.

We understand how overwhelming it is to feel burden by the details of creating and maintaining all the financial systems and business solutions that come with having a nonprofit. Many of us never realized all the business hassle! We were just leaning into the mission that God gave us.

Thankfully this doesn’t have to be you! That's where Alliance Finance comes in. We started Christian Ministry Alliance 5 years ago because our heart is for those in ministry. Having served in both local churches and nonprofits we know what is involved in stewarding non profit finance and donor relationships.

You truly don’t have to be weighed down by details.

Through our “Just For You” financial approach, we get to know your organization, your budget constraints, your culture and your needs. Armed with this information we create options and services that alleviate your pain and help you focus on why you entered ministry in the first place.

Are the operational details on the business side of ministry hijacking your mission and your time?

It's time to maximize your mission! Our tried and true approach, refined over years of helping churches and non-profits navigate financial details, will provide trustworthy and practical tools and services to make sure you're spending more on mission and less on administration.

Our Friends

We Help People Just like you

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"Thanks to the Alliance's knowledge and experience of what it takes to start a non-profit I have been able to move forward with my vision to serve families in my community and be engaged in the present moment, not after I try to figure things out on my own. Thank you for helping me maximize my mission!"  

Socorro Gill

TLC Squared, President & Exec. Director

A Proven Plan

Step One


During our discover process we learn more about your organization, budgets, financial systems, and tools/solutions you're currently employing.

Step Two

Financial Strategy

We take what we learn in discovery and work with you to create a financial strategy that leads to sustainable growth and ensures you're maximizing your mission while spending  

Step Three


We walk you through all the details of employing new tools and systems to make sure transition is smooth, everything is working as it should and that you and your team feel competent and capable in these areas moving forward.

Step Four

Ongoing Care

We provide ongoing care and support as your full service bookkeeping solution, reconciling all accounts and working to keep your new financial systems healthy and efficient.

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