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All smaller ministries need more money. And, although money isn’t everything, it is certainly nice to have in the bank. That is why it is important for leaders of smaller ministries to have a handle on how to approach fundraising correctly. Odds are you cannot afford to hire a fundraiser. That is why we have brought together subject matter experts in the following articles to help you along the way.

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10 Fundraising Mistakes That Are Easy To Fix

This article was originally posted on the “Governance of Christ-Centered Organizations” blog,…

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Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Raising Support

Many Christians around the world find themselves in need of raising personal…

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[guest post]: Why You Should Use WordPress and GiveWP for Online Church Fundraising

The following article is a guest post from our partner, GiveWP A…

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Finding Mid-Level Donors

“This article was written by our friends at Aplos, who just released…


5 Secrets Old-Pro Fundraisers Rely on to Craft Their Best Work

    This article first appeared on Reposted by permission  …


Principles for the Faith-Based Nonprofit Fundraiser

    In my pursuit of Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) certification,…


10 Giving Facts You Need To Know About Giving

Our friends and ministry partner,, has put together the  based on churches using for mobile, text, and online digital giving.  Below is a repost of a blog entry originally posted on their site on April 2, 2017. In just about any field, there’s always the “standard” advice that seems to get repeated all over the web without any real proof. And then there’s the truth. Researched and proven findings that, although sometimes unconventional, can hold the keys to better results. It’s with that in mind that we share real church giving research based on…

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Four Things I Wish Every Nonprofit Board Knew

Reposted by permission Earlier this week I sat in London over dinner…

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Infographic: 22 Expert Tips on Fundraising

Question: “If you could tell a new itinerating missionary one thing about raising funds, what would it be?”  Lucky for you, someone already asked that question. Jen Fortner, creator of Financial Partnership Development asked this question to 22 FULLY-FUNDED field workers (ok, pause. Go ahead and say that fast 10 times….since you are anyway).  The following infographic represents their responses.  Thanks Jen for such a great resource! (click on image to enlarge)   [gap size=”100px”]

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Why We Chose BlueFire Donations

  For both churches and nonprofits alike, your ability to engage web…

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Is Generosity the New Norm?

Great read put out by Leadership Network.  We recommend the read. Free Download! Generosity Becoming a Fundamental Spiritual Discipline for Churches Leadership Network #leadnet — Leadership Network (@leadnet) October 1, 2013

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