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Start Maximizing Your Mission

We know as a ministry leader you have a calling on your life to fulfill your mission.

More than anything else you want to stay confident and focused on what God has put in front of you. A big part of accomplishing that mission is making sure the business operations of your ministry is handled properly. That's where we come in! 

Our Gift to You

Seven Easy and Inexpensive Resources for Smaller Ministries.

We look forward to helping you, but in the meantime we want you to download this easy next-step guide to help you get started. These seven resources are budget-friendly and battle-tested to work in your church or ministry.

Hi! I'm Doug Leslie, the founder and President of Christian Ministry alliance.

The problem with handling a ministry's business operations is that many ministry leaders are wearing too many hats; juggling so many daily responsibilities, they don’t have time to handle all the details involved with the administration of running their organizations. And for many leaders, they lack the expertise, gifting, and budget to accomplish this part of leading in a simple cost-effective manner.

This reality leaves many ministry leaders feeling alone, overwhelmed, and frustrated. They have to focus on the details of administration instead of focusing on their mission.

At Christian Ministry Alliance we believe your mission is way too important to be hijacked by administrative details.


Our President

Douglas Leslie

We understand how overwhelming it is to feel burdened by the details of running a ministry when it is outside your area of gifting. Often you are alone and have few people to turn to to help you find a simple way to help handle admin.

Thankfully this doesn’t have to be you! We started the Christian Ministry Alliance because our heart is for those in ministry leading smaller organizations. Having served in both local churches and ministry nonprofits we know what is involved in running the operations of a ministry successfully. You truly don’t have to be weighed down by operational details.

Our Friends

We Help People Just like you


Chris Whitaker

Bridge Church, Siloam Springs, AR

“One of our core values at Bridge Church is that we are all about the Capital “C” church because we believe that we can do infinitely more together than we ever could apart. Doug Leslie and the Alliance team have a tremendous heart and vision to see churches and ministries of all sizes fulfill their individual purpose! The Alliance has been, and continues to be, a powerful resource that equips us to fulfill our mission of leading people to become fully devoted followers of Christ; and do so with excellence. Bridge Church is better today because of their iron-sharpening wisdom, biblical solutions, and individualized support we have received.”

Our Approach

We Make it super simple for you

So Schedule a call today! We want to understand how to best serve you.

Just for You

Through our “Just For You” consultative approach, we get to know your organization, your budget constraints, your culture, your needs, and your hopes.

Clear Strategy

Armed with this information we provide practical and affordable options that alleviate your pain and provide a clear roadmap for your organization.


Your mission is too important to be jeopardized by not doing business operations correctly. With our tools you can be free to focus on your mission and calling.

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