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Is Fiscal Sponsorship Right For You?

don't let your lack of time or resources delay your impact.

We help non-profits increase their impact while by helping them clarify their mission raise the necessary revenue through our simple and quick Fiscal Sponsorship program.

Life Change

More Mission. Less Administration.

Helping ministry leaders gain back time, and energy to focus on leading their mission.

Just for You

We get to know your organization, your vision, your culture, your needs, and your hopes. We want to partner with your caling!


With decades of experience leading and managing nonprofit organizations, our team toes to work to provide reliable and trustworthy administrative support for your organization.


Your mission is too important to be jeopardized by not doing business operations correctly. With our tools you can be free to focus on your mission and calling.

Which is right for you?

Because not all projects and ministry needs are alike, we have different programs to meet the various needs. Please read through the two options that we offer to be directed to the appropriate page.

Alliance Fiscal Sponsorships

Is your project or purpose to strengthen the church through acts of love and service? Is your dream to work in areas other than those considered traditional missions? In other words, you are not called to the uttermost parts of the world where the Gospel is not known; instead, you are called to your local community. Whether you are U.S. based or internationally based, our Alliance Fiscal Sponsorship is for you.

Donor Fund

Do you consider your ministry or project in line with the traditional Great Commission? Are you called to plant churches, serve among the unreached, serve internationally taking the Gospel to remote areas of the world? We have developed a program we call Donor Fund just for you. It is designed to help workers raise needed financial support and get to the field as quickly as possible.


The Christian Ministry Alliance can serve as a U.S. Fiscal Sponsor for Foreign Charities. If a foreign charity has donors or potential donors in the United States, the Alliance can receipt those donors’ gifts and then make grants to the foreign charity so that those donors can receive a U.S. tax deduction for their charitable gifts to foreign charities. If a foreign charity sets up an agreement with the Alliance, the charity can link its website to a targeted giving page to receive charitable gifts via online giving. If your organization has U.S. ex-patriot donors in-country who would like to support your organization, the Alliance can receipt their gifts as well, giving them a U.S. tax deduction.

Our Friends

We Help People Just like you


For years we’ve raised support as independent missionary/pastors.  When we moved into the inner-city we needed an organization to support us in ways that had not previously been available to us without burdensome overhead.  The Christian Ministry Alliance has been the perfect organization for us.

Kevin & Heather Deese

Raising Sails
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