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Douglas Leslie

Douglas Leslie serves as the Founder and President of the Christian Ministry Alliance, a nationwide organization focused on coming alongside local churches and faith-based ministries. In 2001 Doug left the corporate world, moving his family to Phoenix to serve as the Director of Operations for an international missions organization and later as the Executive Director of a grant-making charity focused on skill training among the world’s poorest peoples. As a former pastor, Doug has a deep love for the local church, believing the church is God’s primary strategy for reaching their local communities and the world’s remaining unreached peoples. Doug lives with his wife and four children in the greater Phoenix area.

A Matter of Life

On March 31st, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, signed SB 1367, a piece of legislation that gives instruction that all physicians in attendance during an abortion procedure to “see that all available means and medical skills are used to promote, preserve and maintain the life of the fetus…” In other words, if a baby endures the abortion …

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Facing Reality

Much has been said by all sides, both is disgust and with adulation, regarding the new administration of Donald Trump. Regardless of political affiliation, one thing is for certain, he is everyone’s President. Reminiscent of the  apprehension conservatives experienced with the election of Barack Obama, those on the liberal side of the electorate, will have …

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