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THANK YOU for allowing us to serve you!

We are so grateful to have you as a part of our family. Our entire focus is to support the growing needs of smaller churches and para-church ministries. As a client of one of our professional services, you have been granted a courtesy membership into the Alliance. This gives you access to all the member benefits available to our members.

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As part of your membership, you have access to a select number of special offerings negotiated specifically for our members. These services are continually growing and changing, so be watching your email as we send regular updates regarding benefits.  For now, here are a few to wet your whistle.
Member Benefit Highlights:
  • HUGE discounts on general purchases ranging from flowers to car rentals to movie tickets.
  • Healthcare Discount Plans
  • FREE prescription drug plan
  • Discounted Office Supplies through Office Depot/Office Max

To view a full suite of benefits visit our Members Benefits Page.

Do you know about our other programs?

A fundraising service platform for independent missionaries and their projects

Human Resources for every ministry  - lead by Sr. HR professionals, focused on ministry

Crowd funding platform for faith-based media projects.

Providing one-time emergency bridge grants for workers in need.

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Pastoring a church can be tough. Pastoring without support can be really tough. It is a blessing to me and our church to be connected to the Alliance. They have provided resources and encouragement as we endeavor to live out our mission. Our relationship with the Alliance has been invaluable.

Trev Mahoney

Crossings Church

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