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We, like you, love leadership mantras like John Maxwell’s, “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.” Our desire is to help you and your ministry gain influence in your community. Our Leadership resources are for leaders who want to be better in their leadership. The following articles will help you joyfully reach higher and lead more effectively. You can do it. 

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5 Key Reminders to Overcoming Your Leadership Slump

REPOSTED from   Hey leaders, and more specifically nonprofit leaders, the…


5 Ways Your Church Can Improve a Visitor’s Welcome

The following post was so incredibly short AND beneficial we decided to…

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The Nonprofit Overhead Myth

In 2001 I made the headlong leap into the nonprofit world.  It…

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Sobering and Preventable Realities For Many Pastors

A sobering post has been making the rounds this week from…

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Pastoral Succession Planning

If you help lead a church and are either in the process, or soon will be, proper succession planning is critical for long term success.  Take careful note of an upcoming online conference on this topic from the good folks  at Leadership Network. Here is a teaser from their website: While there are numerous stories describing the highly visible failures in transition and succession, there are even more stories of the positive transition from one pastor to another that have rarely been heard. To highlight what is being learned in these cases, as well as the…

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Using Short-Term Mission for Meaningful Discipleship

In a world where short term missions team are sent on a routine basis, the nagging question remains about what lasting impact is notices upon returning to the U.S.  As a veteran short-term leader, I can say that it is difficult to keep a right perspective after coming home.  Life happens.  Back to school.  Back to work.  Back to routine. How do allow the growth to settle in us to a point where the “massing changes” take root and become our new normalcy. Leadership Network posted a ‘Field Report’ of one such church trying to do…

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