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Leading a church is hard work. We get it. And the church leader is burdened with more than the organizational needs. They carry the weight of their congregation’s personal hopes, dreams, struggles, and failures – often at great sacrifice. The calling of a pastor is no small thing. Our curated resources for the local church will help bring clarity on areas of church leadership that you may simply have not had time to consider. We love the church. We believe in her calling. Stand strong.

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Something Better Than Success

Early this week I had a breakdown in my usual upbeat attitude…

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Are Evangelicals Changing Their Minds on Gay Marriage?

  If you were to read the story, “How Evangelicals Are…

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Pastoral Compensation

For some reason, the discussion of money and church staff is always…

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5 Surefire Ways To Sharpen Your Skills

When I was a young(er) man I started reading and listening to…

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Why We Chose BlueFire Donations

  For both churches and nonprofits alike, your ability to engage web…

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5 Ways Your Church Can Improve a Visitor’s Welcome

The following post was so incredibly short AND beneficial we decided to…

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New Partnership Means More Savings!

We are very happy to be able to announce that we have come to agreements with two new vendors that have been missing for our members.   We are proud to introduce Donor Tools, a cloud based nonprofit donor management solution, and Aware 3, a mobile app development platform.     With unlimited users, unlimited donations, smart tags, multiple names, donation splits, online donations, Quickbooks™ integration, MailChimp integration, and lots more, it is the perfect solution for smaller nonprofits and budgets. To learn more about Donor Tools and to discover the amazing 25% discount available when you join AACN,…

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Three Questions to Ask About Your Church’s Financial Management

Dan Busby, President of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, asks three…

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Has Worship Been Lost in our Singing?

  I have a confession. I can be cynical. I don’t mean…

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Sobering and Preventable Realities For Many Pastors

A sobering post has been making the rounds this week from…

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Pastoral Succession Planning

If you help lead a church and are either in the process, or soon will be, proper succession planning is critical for long term success.  Take careful note of an upcoming online conference on this topic from the good folks  at Leadership Network. Here is a teaser from their website: While there are numerous stories describing the highly visible failures in transition and succession, there are even more stories of the positive transition from one pastor to another that have rarely been heard. To highlight what is being learned in these cases, as well as the…

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Is Generosity the New Norm?

Great read put out by Leadership Network.  We recommend the read. Free Download! Generosity Becoming a Fundamental Spiritual Discipline for Churches Leadership Network #leadnet — Leadership Network (@leadnet) October 1, 2013

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